Paperwork Needed

To apply for a home loan/mortgage, you will need to provide the following:

  • Photo Identification for each homebuyer/borrower (typically your drivers license(s) or a passport)
  • Social Security Card (if you have it)
  • Most recent one month of pay-stubs
  • Most recent two years W-2s and federal¬†income tax returns (all pages/schedules) for the past two years to verify your income and proof of employment
  • Copies of checking and/or savings accounts statements for the past two months (all pages: for example if the first page says 1 of 5, we need all 5 pages even if page 5 is blank)
  • Evidence of any other assets such as bonds, stocks, or money saved in retirement programs (i.e. 401k or 403b program) "if applicable"
  • ***If you already have a home under contract: Agreement of Sale (all pages, addendums, etc.)

If you are seeking a VA mortgage, in addition to the above, please provide:
Your VA DD214 ( copy, you always keep your original)

*** for purchase mortgages only


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